About Me

Current Career

Dr. Carlos Chacon is loved by his patients and team. He has helped thousands of people achieve the looks they are going for, whether out of medical necessity or personal preference. The transformations his patients have experienced often change who they are as individuals, instilling confidence and self-love in people who have struggled with their appearance for years.

He lives within the community he serves, working hard to earn his reputation as a top plastic surgeon in California. He values the doctor-patient relationship and carefully fosters the connection with each patient. His patients come from all over the West Coast and Southwest.

His extensive consultations at Divino Plastic Surgery are designed to educate his patients. He spends time helping his clients know what to expect with the procedure, what risks they face and what outcomes are possible. He learns about their fears, goals and motivations before starting any work. He also takes time to get to know their everyday patterns and long-term plans to ensure the procedure will meet their lifestyle and expectations.

Philanthropy and Personal Interests

As a beacon in the community, Dr. Carlos Chacon has spent time giving back. He has volunteered as faculty for cosmetic surgery at the University of California San Diego since 2012. His work as volunteer faculty has helped countless students learn valuable information about the plastic surgery field.

Dr. Chacon believes giving back is an important way to connect with those in the community. He also pours a lot of extra time into ensuring his patients are well-cared for during their procedures.

Though he loves his work, he believes taking personal time is important too. He spends as much time as possible exploring the great outdoors with his family. He loves nature and enjoys the fresh air. Spending time outside helps maintain his desire to help people and allows him to de-stress from the pressures of a complicated job


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